My wife and I have lived in Jeremy Ranch on Cheyenne Way for 20 years, and in the Park City area for over 37 years.  We’ve been very fortunate to have been able to raise our family in here that offers such great experiences.  Over the years, Wendy and I and our 3 boys have enjoyed several activities that living in our community offers, including skiing, water skiing, motorcycle racing and golf among others.  Today we enjoy our son’s accomplishments and their families.  Our oldest son Michael, earned a law degree and practices as a sports agent here in Park City.  Our middle son, Jeremy, is a doctor in Baton Rouge, LA.  And, our youngest son, Christian, is a pilot with Skywest Airlines.

I am now retired with few distractions; the Association gets my full attention.  In my previous life, I worked as a general contractor and land developer, with extensive expertise in land development, land use law, and real estate transactions.  During that time as a developer I was involved in setting up several HOA’s and fully understand the obligations and operations.  I have previously served a term on the Board of Summit Water Distribution Company, our water provider, which is organized as a mutual water system.   And, I served a previous term as a JROA Board member from 2009 to March 2014.

I very much like working with the current Board, and appreciate, commend and fully support the positive changes they have brought over the past three years.  We just completed a total overhaul of our website, and initiated several reporting systems to better monitor activities in our community.  And, we are in the process of converting our accounting system to a new program that will allow members access.  I look forward to serving the best interests of my neighbors.