Kathleen Johnston is a homeowner and has lived within the Jeremy Ranch Owners Association since 1998. She and her husband, John, are active in and support many community and philanthropic organizations. They enjoy the many outdoor sports and activities our distinct four seasons have to offer.

Kathleen is a senior Human Resources professional, having skills and experience in all areas of HR management. She also manages communications, stakeholder engagement, risk management and process improvement functions. She possesses a MBA degree and numerous professional certifications.

I have served on the JROA Board since 2014. I have previously served as a Trustee, Secretary and now, serve as the President. During this time, a number of HOA milestones have been accomplished. But,

there’s still more to do. I would like to serve Homeowners for another term. In asking for your vote, I’ll outline what I believe the JROA Board’s responsibilities to Homeowners include:

  • Upholding the JROA governing tenants, including prompt and fair resolution of issues.
  • Maintaining JROA’s fiscal soundness.
  • Improving Homeowners’ experiences with our community management service.
  • Maintaining transparency in Board matters and engaging Homeowners in significant decisions.
  • Supporting the neighborhood experience that attracted us to this area.
  • Stewarding the JROA-owned open space and trails. Further exploring the possibility of a joint venture with Basin Rec to bring a community park to Jeremy Ranch.
  • Participating in greater-public dialogue and decisions that affect our neighborhood.
  • I’m sure there are other collective priorities and invite you to call or e-mail me to contribute your ideas.

I’ll mention some personal attributes I bring to the Board:

  • I have no conflicting interests that influence my recommendations or decisions. I understand my Board seat represents the greater-good of JROA residents.
  • I am not a passive Board member and actively-participate in the Board activities.
  • I’m a business person and am accustomed to managing responsibilities professionally. I support the implementation of JROA Annual and Long-term plans.
  • I want to be confident that I understand our collective thinking on issues. I’m happy to discuss public JROA topics, new ideas, differing opinions, my point-of-view on issues and my Board voting record.

Contact: kjohnston@jrhoa.com