Kathleen Johnston is a homeowner and has lived within the Jeremy Ranch Owners Association since 1998.  She and her husband are active in and support many community and philanthropic organizations.  They enjoy the many outdoor sports and activities Park City’s distinct four seasons have to offer.  This is our home and we are committed to this wonderful community.

Kathleen is a senior Human Resources professional, having skills and experience in all areas of HR management.  She also manages communications, stakeholder engagement, risk management and process improvement functions.  She has primarily gained this experience in well-known, publicly-traded companies.  She possesses a Master of Business Administration degree and numerous professional certifications.

Kathleen has served on the JROA Board since 2014.  She believes the Board’s responsibilities to homeowners include supporting the neighborhood experience that attracted them to this area, upholding the JROA governing tenants, maintaining good management, fiscal soundness and transparency in Board matters, stewarding the JROA-owned open space, engaging homeowners in significant Board decisions and participating in greater-public dialogue and decisions that affect our community.